The Bay of Plenty Vintage Car Club is a branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand and by joining a branch you become a member of the VCC NZ New Zealand’s Foremost Historic Motoring Authority.

The Vintage Car Club of NZ is one of the largest motoring clubs in New Zealand. With over 8,000 members and many thousands of vehicles and motorcycles listed on the club’s database, the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand offers something for everyone. You don’t need to own a vintage vehicle to become a member – our club caters for all cars, trucks and motorcycles over 30 years old.

The club has 36 branches throughout New Zealand and runs a variety of events to cater for its members: tar seal trundles, rural runs, hill climbs, swap meets and speed events as well as regular club evenings around the country for a yarn with likeminded enthusiasts.
It’s members share a common appreciation for fascination of age, the individuality and the functional elegance of vehicles from a by-gone era.

Club-eligible Vehicles

The basic rules are that the vehicle must be over 30 years of age and not modified. In other words as the manufacturer made it.
Club eligible vehicle classes include Veteran, Vintage, Post War, Post 1960, Post 1980, Commercial, Motorcycle and Historic Racing vehicles. Factory Built, and Historic Racing Vehicles (HRV) which are at least in their thirtieth year since their year of original construction, plus factory built racing cars no longer in production. See here for a complete list and description https://vcc.org.nz/club-eligible-vehicles/


Period Specials or Reproduction Vehicles

These vehicles belong to special classes and conditions apply. Refer to the NZVCC Website   https://vcc.org.nz/

Monthly Events

2nd Monday of the Month

Club Night
(Except January)
Start Time 7.30pm

2nd Wednesday of the Month

Mid-week Run

Last Sunday of the Month

End of Month Run

Last Tuesday of the Month

Nog-N-Natter at 6.00pm
Location varies

Last Monday of the Month

Committee Meeting

Operational information

The Club Rooms are 29 Cliff Road, Tauranga

Postal Address is: P O Box 660, Tauranga, 3144.

Contact Kaaren Smylie on 07 5764180 or 021 664 341

KLAXON EMAIL: klaxoninfo@gmail.com
CLUB WEBSITE: www.bayofplentyvintagecarclub.com

Key contacts are:
Chairman– John Whitcombe
Secretary– Michael Thorman – Phone: 07 5444291   Email: bayofplenty@vcc.org.nz
Run Co-Ordinator Kaaren Smylie – Phone 07 576 4180   Email: kaaren@smylie.co.nz

Monthly events
Club night (except January) – 2nd Monday, start time 7.30pm
If your birthday falls in this month please remember it is your turn to provide a plate for
supper at Club Night. Thanks to last months birthday people for their food.

Mid week run — Wednesday following the club night
End of the month run — Held on the last Sunday of the month.
Committee Meeting — Last Monday of the month
Noggin ‘n’ Natter — Last Tuesday of the month at 6pm (See Klaxon for places of Meeting)

Please remember to wear your name badges to all events. BADGES ARE FREE TO NEW MEMBERS.


The library is open on club nights from 7pm. Also on most Monday mornings
 We are accepting good clean car service manuals or books that relate to automobile history or travel for our club library


Clean out your sheds and bring those surplus parts down. They may be just what
someone else needs Parts shed open most Monday morning. Contacts are Jack 07 5766346 or
Colin 027 2629161


CHAIRMAN: John Whitcombe – 027 552 4203
VICE-CHAIRMAN:  Donn White – 0274 764465
PAST CHAIRMAN:  Alastair Jones – 07 5761124
SECRETARY:  Michael Thorman –  07 5444291
TREASURER:  Keith Perkins – 027 578 1231
ASST. TREASURER:  Jill Whitcome  – 07 552 4201
RUN CO-ORDINATOR:  Kaaren Smylie – 07 576 4180
COMMITTEE:  Kaaren Smylie – 07 576 4180
COMMITTEE:  Alan McKenzie – 027 564 7785
COMMITTEE:  George Howard – 020 4042 7624
COMMITTEE:  Brian Pratt – 07 5447952
COMMITTEE: Doug Brown – 021 668 117

PATRON: Alastair Jones – 07 5761124
HALL HIRE:  Kaaren Smylie – 021 664341
LIBRARIAN: Peter Withers
PARTS SHED:  Jack Anderson  – 07 5766346
PROPERTY MANAGER:  Jack Anderson  – 07 5766346
NEW MEMBERS:  Ken Frew – 07 5764263
SWAPMEET: Bruce Tait – 027 476 1481
HON. SOLICITOR:  Peter Butler – 07 5756892
VIC CERTIFICATION:  Alastair Jones – 07 5761124
VIC CERTIFICATION:  Ivan Allen – 07 5432629
WELFARE:  Merilyn Anderson – 07 5766346
KITCHEN CO-ORDINATOR:  Jill Whitcome  – 07 552 4201
KLAXON EDITOR:  Bryce Strong – 0274 966706
FACEBOOK:  Deidre Rennie – 021 665 875
SAFETY OFFICER:  Brian Pratt  – 07 5447952


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